Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Why Zero Dark Thirty is Zero Hot Thirty

All female agents of CIA are blond & beautiful. 
This is what Zero Dark Thirty (a film about Bin Laden's hunt), tells about CIA. And watching the complete film can reveal a few more interesting things regarding CIA.
For example;
To obtain a telephone number, CIA bribes people with Lamborghinis instead of looking into a directory.
Be-fooling CIA is very easy; all you have to do is yell, "hey! I've can lead you to Al-Qaeda."
CIA guys are horrible at pronouncing Arabic names.
While putting reputation of their country, and lives of SEAL team at risk, CIA was not 100% sure about Osama Bin Laden’s existence in Abbotabad.
CIA thinks they found OBL on their own (Maya, heroine of the film called him UBL, I think she writes Osama with U).
Apart from CIA, Kathryn Bigelow, director of the film, seems to be obsessed with burqas; in the scene of OBL's compound raid, a few women are shown sleeping with their burqas on. And, in most of the outdoor shots of Pakistan, we hear sound of Azaan (prayer call) in background. Perhaps she doesn't know that Muslim offer only five prayers in a day.

Post Script: Those who do not comment on this blog post, will be hunt just like OBL :) 

Monday, January 28, 2013

Women! aren't you being exploited?

Photo courtesy http://www.joe.ie/
Pictures of these bikini clad women might be offensive for my readers in Pakistan, but even more offensive to me is the way these poor women are being treated.
Let me explain; these women were contesting in "Miss Snow Universe" competition. The picture is taken in Siberia, and they were made to take their cloths off in -21C temperature.
A mere mention of that -21C temperature made me shiver. I thought to myself, "are the organizers insane? Aren't the girls participating in the competition equally insane?"
Isn't it exploitation in the name of competition? 
And then I read renowned feminist, Zillah Eisenstein bashing Zero Dark Thirty as against feminism. She called it dark, zero-feminism,because ZDT tries to justify US war revenge through a pretty red-head white woman, obsessed with catching Osama Bin Laden.
I was wondering if Zillah or other feminists has something to write about girls being exposed to severe temperatures just for the fun of it?
I was wondering if anyone else also thinks that those bikini clad women were being exploited? 

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Making money through blogging...adsense is nonsense!

I was naive enough to fall for this "making money online" crap. Google searches are filled with untrue stories of people telling us how they got rich through blogging. Reading all that nonsense made me think of starting a blog. I fantasized about getting lots of visitors and being paid in billions (OKAY, millions).

So, I applied for a Google adsense account. But there is the catch, you get advertisements on your blog through Google, but you will be paid ONLY IF someone clicks on them. And you cannot ASK anyone to click (that means, clicks have to be free-willed). Thus, even if your blog is attracting thousands of visitors a day, and no one is clicking on the lousy ads, you are going to get nothing. Yes Sir! NOTHING.

This implies, Google makes it your responsibility to write stuff, attract online visitors, and MAKE people CLICK those ads.

HOW UNJUST! I want to ask Google, if advertisements are not attractive enough (and no one wishes to click them), what is the fault of blogger.

My blog is up since 2010, and in three years I have made how much??? FOUR DOLLARS. Yes Sir, only four dollars. Google says that it will start paying after I cross threshold of $100. With this speed, I will cross the threshold in 25 year. Now I'm cursing myself for falling in to this absurdity.

And so, isn't all that crap about making money online just rubbish?

Guys, if someone is fooling you with this concept of making billions through adsense, blogspot, or Google, DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME.

Blog for the fun of it, stop thinking of earning anything.


Friday, January 18, 2013

Tahir ul Qadri and family's return ticket

This is a print screen image from Emirates website, telling Tahir ul Qadri and family's departure details